Sunday, December 16, 2007

Congratulations and Happy Holidays

Congratulations to the 2007 Fall Graduates! We wish you well in your future endeavors.

Thanks to all for your continued support through an interesting semester.

Have a Merry Christmas and New Year's.

Sincerely, The Bacon Staff


Jacob Marley said...

Happy Kwanzaa, ya' little porker!
Thanks for a kickin' semester of news, jokes, jabs, flops, slaps, kicks and poignant thought.
Keep it up, and stay fresh. We look to you for the truth... in a funny sort of way!

VanTil said...

how come only one view allowed on the student award thing. this prof tho a good teacher taught that the bible is full of errors and denied the resurrection of Jesus. can you be Christian and do that i wonder?

Anonymous said...

because the comments probably became a discussion about the person, putting his character on trial on a public setting. It was more about his personal aspects than his professional.

the bacon did the right thing